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B2B entrepreneurs use CClarity to turn unique insights into engaging content for LinkedIn, in minutes. 
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The Problem

You are passionate with lots of knowledge and insight, but lack the time to share them consistently on LinkedIn.

Writing a LinkedIn post takes 1 hour or more.

Coming up with a strong hook and engaging format is hard.

You’ve tried other tools but they sound like AI.

Use CClarity to write unique content that sounds like you, in minutes.

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why our customers love Us

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Riszki (Iqie) Ramadhan

"I've tried so many AI writing tools, but nothing compares to CClarity's output. Their content sounds like it was written by a real human - clear, nuanced, and natural. It's remarkable how authentic CClarity's AI can be. Their service has been invaluable for my business!"
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Sam Lee

Managing Partner
"What sets CClarity apart is the exceptional quality of their AI-generated content. Unlike other tools that sound robotic or generic, CClarity's output is remarkably human-like. The writing has personality, flair, and an authentic voice that resonates with my audience. I'm consistently impressed by how natural and creative their AI can be."
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Brenda Lee

Global Market Development
"As someone who values quality writing, I was amazed by CClarity's AI capabilities. Their content doesn't sound AI-generated at all - it's engaging, articulate, and captures the intricacies of human language. After being let down by countless other AI writing tools, CClarity far surpassed my expectations."

the people behind CClarity

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Keith Teo - Founder

On a mission to help B2B entrepreneurs grow their personal brand and get more leads. Previously PM at Grab and exited a startup in 2018.
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Frank Lee - COO

Software Engineer turned VC turned entrepreneur on a passionate about launching great products, building high performing teams, and accessing new markets.
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Khanh - Tech Lead

Ex-cybersecurity software engineer with startup experience who enjoys building scalable systems.
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Phu - Senior Engg

Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience, and have led engineering teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CClarity?

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CClarity is a content creation product for B2B founders to generate LinkedIn posts that sound like them, helping them to build an audience and get more inbound leads through LinkedIn.

How are you different from ChatGPT?

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For starters, we do not use ChatGPT for content creation. Our content output is finely tuned for LinkedIn and sounds much more natural and human.

How are you different from other content generation products?

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Unlike other tools that usually cover multiple social media channels, CClarity is focused on LinkedIn. This means our product is focused and specialised in helping you grow your B2B business.

I'm a marketer. Can I use CClarity for my company? 

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Yes! Please send Keith a DM on LinkedIn.

I'm an agency owner. Can I use CClarity for my agency? 

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Yes! Please send Keith a DM on LinkedIn.