Create authentic content that sounds like you - with AI

Apply storytelling frameworks and effective formats to write clear, readable and highly engaging LinkedIn posts.

The Problem

You have an idea for a post, but need help with storytelling and formatting

If you find yourself spending way too much time trying to get the storytelling arc right, or tweaking and editing your post for readability - CClarity is for you.

Our solution

Transform your draft into a post that sounds natural and human - in 1 click

Go from idea ...

Share the key points of your post with us.
It can be as concise or as detailed as you prefer - just share what you have in mind.

screenshot of cclarity's product, showing a user's draft
screenshot of cclarity's product, showing the generated content

... to a great draft in 1 click

CClarity will format it into a polished post optimized for engagement.

Edit with AI

Use AI to refine your draft, adjust length, and get suggestions for compelling hooks.

screenshot of cclarity's product, showing the editor AI feature

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